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Typicly basements have a poured concrete slab as the as the basement floor. The slab will sometime crack and separate. There are several reasons for this, but thank the heavens many can be avoided with proper planning and preparation.
The cracking is often the result of the concrete slab settling. This occurs as the weight of the slab causes the ground beneath it to be more compressed. If one section of the basement floor settles farther or faster than another, the result will often be a crack in the concrete floor.

Water problems
Acting in much the same way as settling, too much water beneath the slab can cause it to be uneven by erosion. When the tension from the uneven distribution of weight becomes too severe, cracking and breakage will take happen.

If your contracting company or waterproofing expert improperly installed the slab or did not make it the right thickness, cracking of the basement floor will happen. The required thickness should be at least 4 inches., and the use of wire or rebar is recommended.
Heavy items sitting basement floor.

Depending on how you use yourbasement, the furniture  may be able to start causeing cracking issues in the long term. If you install a new hot tub, a heavy pool table or other heavy items, the weight distribution can cause basement floor cracks. This happens if the floor was not properly poured or not the right thickness.

Expansion from freezing and thawing.

When the ground soil below the floor freezes it expands and then contracts again as it thaws. When this is repeated over many years, the expanding and contracting below will shift the concrete slab. This will place pressure on the concrete slab. then when the pressure gets too great,the poured concrete will crack and often split. This process will be more hurried in areas with shifts in the temperature.

How to prevent this from happening.
If you make sure the ground soil below the pored slab is well compressed and by installing a French drain to the water away from the concrete, you can avoid many of these cracking problems i have written here in this article. The precautions, along with a slab of proper dept and reinforcing material, should allow you to have minimal cracking issues.



Evaluate the exterior perimeter of your house. You should be certain that the ground beside the foundation slopes away from it, not sloping towards the building. Backfilled dirt around the foundation will usually settle lower than the surrounding dirt causing the ground to sink in and slope towards your home. You can add soil up against the foundation to create  a 2" per foot (that is, a drop of 2" for each foot you move away slope against the your foundation.The top of the soil is minimal 6 inches below the sill plate and make sure there is no soil touching which can cause some building materials to rot down the road.


 Gutters and downspouts. The roof gathers large amounts of water from rain and bring the water right to the end of the roof. If this gathered water is put on the ground next to the exterior basement foundation, you will definately have water seepage into the basement walls. To avoid this be sure your rain gutters or eavestrough are kept clean, and be sure the downspouts are getting the water a minimum 5 to 6 feet away from your basement foundation.Doing this will ensure a dry basement.


What is a french drain ?

 A French drain a ditch filled with gravel, that directs  water away from the building. They are usually used to prevent ground water from intering buildings foundations.

French drains are placed behind exterior walls to relieve excess pressure from ground source water.

The first french drains were ditches. They were sent from a high area to a lower area filled with small rocks.

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